Life Lessons (Experiences / Memories)

What would happen if you experienced one of life’s biggest tragedies unexpectedly? How would you react and respond? Could you immediately find Passion and Purpose for your life? I wish all could react as Cindy Young is reacting. I hope i can react as Cindy Young is reacting. I hope we have raised our kids to react as Cindy Young and her family are reacting. But there’s more to this podcast…how to raise great kids, how to teach your kids to make their own decisions and say no and to understand they have to accept responsibility for a bad choice. I’m not kidding, this 51 minutes is filled with such real world knowledge and betterment. Lisha and I have listened together and it most likely has changed us forever.

“yeah, i saw her in the parking lot this morning, 6am, with that big smile…just smiling and waving, and happy” Coach Rocky White

Cindy Young quotes:

“life can change in a moment…now what?”

“you can either wallow or walk, we just chose to walk”

“i have to understand what my purpose is TODAY”

“You said You were going to bear my burdens for me….i can’t feel it!”

“since He knows what i’m going through then He can help me” (re separation)

“it doesn’t just happen”


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